Between Falsehoods

A series of painted photographs questioning our relationship to the exotic

Golden Vista

Garnet Symphony

Paradise Green II

Pineapple Upside Down

Twittering Promise

Untitled (Santa Maria)

Paradise Green III

Untitled (Waterfall)

Between Falsehoods

Focusing on cherished ideals and elements of Victorian Britain, travel, discovery, the garden, and collecting, Between Falsehoods is a series of constructed images questioning our relationship to the exotic. Using a layering process in the image making, domestic paint (as a nod to the commonplace) is applied to surfaces rendering them exaggerated yet refined. The collection of images proposes that the exotic itself is a construct of the mind and not a pre-existing form. As something other to what we know, the mystery of the exotic is wrapped up with its unattainability. Our desire for ownership therefore contradicting its very nature.