Allegro of The Still

Raptor, derived from the Latin word rapere, meaning to seize or take by force.








Allegro of The Still

There is a confliction in the definition of Raptor and the reality of birds of prey tamed by falconers. The outcome of this committed and trusting dance between human, bird and the act of taming was the inspiration for the series of portraits Allegro of The Still.

Positioned in front of a backdrop and before the camera, the birds are removed from their natural habitat. Yet in a subtle stand off, avoiding eye contact with the viewer they elegantly resist capture. Enchanted by a sight we cannot see their inconsequence to the camera lens invites our curiosity in their statuesque appearance. With the identifying features of beak and eyes hidden, form and shape take over as defining character and the magnificence of their plumage is up for scrutiny.