I’m Zoë a Scottish born, and now London based photographer.

I got my Masters in Photography from The Royal College of Art and though most of my personal art projects are still life or landscape, commercially I tend to photograph people, with clients in music, fashion and advertising.

Here’s a little about why I love being a photographer…. it’s a fantastic job, it allows me to create new worlds and stage scenes that might otherwise never of existed. I’m drawn to those little something’s in images that make someone stop, double take, and question what’s before them. Conceptually, I believe, my work it toys with the boundaries between fiction and reality. In this sense my photographs are playful, graphically bold and at times a little absurd. Probably the opposite to the quiet girl form Edinburgh that’s me.


  • 2015, Secret 7", Somerset House, London
  • 2014, Flash Forward 2013, Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Portland, Maine, USA
  • 2014, Secret 7”, Mother, London
  • 2013, Creative Connections, National Portrait Gallery, London
  • 2013, Flash Forward 2013, Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
  • 2013, Secret 7”, Mother, London
  • 2011, Salon Photo Prize, Matt Roberts Arts, London
  • 2010, Revisiting Landscape and Still Life, Bafa Foto, Bel-Air Fine Art, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2010, Mr Bulldog 7 by Lucy Steggals, The Photographers' Gallery, London
  • 2010, Meleager’s Garland Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory, Lincoln
  • 2010, Man Photography Prize, Courtyard Galleries at the RCA, London
  • 2009, Shadow of a Doubt ,Galerie Michel Journaic, Paris, France
  • 2009, Illusions, Bafa Foto, Bel-Air Fine Art, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2009, Hilo Keith, Talent Gallery, London
  • 2009, Show One, The Royal College of Art, London
  • 2008, Secret, Gulbekian Hall, London
  • 2008, Man Photography Prize, Prize Courtyard Galleries at the RCA, London
  • 2007, The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, Edinburgh
  • 2004, Contemporary British Photography, Canberra Institute Of Photography, Canberra, Australia